Notification Oriented Paradigm for Distributed Systems

Wagner R. M. Barretto, Ana Cristina B. Kochem Vendramin, Jean M. Simão


Notification Oriented Paradigm (NOP) has been proposed as a new
way to design software that is more efficient, decoupled, and with better performance than other paradigms. NOP is built based on a well-defined set of entities that interact by means of notifications. The way those entities are designed
enables a declarative and rule-based programming model that is suitable for
distributed systems. This paper introduces a method to write distributed NOP
programs that maintains the same characteristics of performance and cohesion
that its local counterpart has. The method is presented with two case studies
that have their design and performance compared to equivalent programs written
with traditional models and paradigms. The results show that distributed
NOP programs behave correctly and, beyond the distribution, present similar
benefits as their single instance counterparts.

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