Comparative Analysis of Performance on Cloud Computing Environments: a Brazilian Public Sector Perspective

Breno G. S. Costa, Fernando Escobar, Priscila Solis, Aletéia Araújo, Jacir Bordim


The use of public cloud services is growing at a rapid pace and many organizations either have started using these services or plan to do so in a short time. This is due to the need to collect the benefits of the platform, including cost reduction and agility in providing new information technology services. Public cloud providers have similar offers of infrastructure as a service, but with differ- ent characteristics and costs, and it is necessary to evaluate how the resources of an organization’s internal infrastructure compare to the resources offered by those providers, creating a mapping between them. This takes advantage of the experience and knowledge that the organization’s technical team has over the internal infrastructure and reduces the risk of cost increase, time increase, or even to offer a cloud service with lower performance than it is already provided using the organization’s own resources. This study compares the performance of a computational unit of an organization with a similar unit in two public cloud providers, using metrics to measure processing, storage and network perfor- mance, and comparing the costs charged by these providers. The results show that there is a significant variation in performance: in network performance, one provider outperformed the other by approximately one order of magnitude.

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