Function Models Associated Sensor Networks Fusion to Monitor the Quality of the Environment in Accordance with the Brazilian Technical Standards

Geiza Gomes Mendonça, João Viana da Fonseca Neto


Sensor networks are important because they are able to collectively
monitor and report any measurable phenomena of interest. The objective of this
work is to present the formulation of the mathematical model for the environment
quality index according to Brazilian standards, ABNT and ANVISA. The index is
a value that ranges from zero to one and is calculated according to membership
functions. The importance of the index comes from the need to monitor the work
environment or study so that they are always according to standards, ensuring
comfort and health. The tests are performed for temperature, humidity, gas
and light sensors, using the star topology to assembly the sensor network. As a
result, the mean index of the environment is composed to evaluate its quality, this
index is used to display a graphic alert scheme that informs the lab’s conditions
to the users.

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