UnderApp: Monitoramento de Deslizamentos de Terra Baseado em Rede Subterrânea de Sensores

André F. Monteiro, Felipe d da R. Henriques, Laura S. Assis, Viviane F. Peixoto


Every year several slope slides are observed at Brazil, causing major impact on the population which lives in risk areas. These events are permanent concerns for the local population, and also for the authorities responsible for monitoring the slopes. This work presents the UnderApp, a system for remote monitoring of slope slides based on a wireless underground sensors network. The sensors network is responsible to collect data in real time about rainfall and soil moisture rates, which are the main metrics for predicting the eminence of slope slides. Then, the collected data will be send to an App designed for smartphones to provide the visualization of the information by the local population in order to avoid several material damages, and the most important, save lives.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14210/cotb.v0n0.p747-749


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