Algoritmos de planejamento de caminhos 3D∗

Cleiton Almeida dos Santos, André Luiz Pires Guedes


Abstract. This extended abstract presents a research in progress about 3D path planning algorithms. The computational problem of interest is to find a path of optimal or near-optimal length from an origin point s to a destination point d in a 3D environment with obstacles. Is part of this research to identify a compu- tational representation, a data structure, that better describe the environment, specially space partition in voxels and visibility graphs. A comparison of this two and a proposed mixed representation is to be done. Other computational geometry methods, as Voronoi diagrams, octrees, space subdivision data struc- tures, etc., are used in the project. The obtained algorithms may be included in autonomous vehicle software, digital games, crowd simulations, and robotics.

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