Aplicação de um questionário com professores brasileiros para investigar as disciplinas de Algoritmos e Lógica de Programação para os diferentes cursos: uma análise qualitativa

Luiza Engler Stadelhofer, Caroline Sala de Borba, Claudia Pimentel, Isabela Gasparini Gasparini


Abstract. The algorithms and programming logic courses from non- Computer Science (CS) majors (like Engineering and degrees like Physics and Mathe- matics, for example) confront with obstacles like the absence of a connection between the subjects taught in algorithms and programming logic courses and the ones that present problems that can be solved by their application. Thus, this paper has the goal of analyzing how algorithms and programming logic intro- ductory courses are being approached in the different non-CS majors in Brazil. To do so, a questionnaire that was sent by e-mail to teachers from different regi- ons of the country. A total of 151 teachers participated and this paper presents a qualitative analysis related to the open questions of the survey.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14210/cotb.v0n0.p784-786


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