Desenvolvimento de redes comunitárias na região amazônica com uso de redes em malha sem fio através da plataforma LibreMesh

Lorena Freitas, Moacir Neto, Francisco F. Muller, Debora Leal, Antônio Abelém, Aldebaro Klautau


Abstract. Currently, there are about 3.6 billion people in the world without any kind of Internet access. Parallel to this, we have the connectivity as a funda- mental part for insertion of the individual in a globalized society. Thus, with the understanding of Internet access as a basic right of citizenship, the con- cept of community networks arises. This network is characterized by low cost, minimal complexity, ease of deployment and expansion, as well as the active participation of the beneficiary community in its development. This study in- tends to describe the process of implementation of a community network with application of wireless mesh network using the LibreMesh free platform in the community of Boa Vista do Acara´ in Para´.

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