Face Tracking: An approach for face identification, recognition and tracking for low-cost environments

Horizonte Nazarete Magalhães Junior, Thomas Vitor Wilges Bugs, Antonio Carlos Sobieranski


Abstract. Applicable facial identification and recognition are great trends nowadays, representing a powerful tool needed in various application domains. Its use varies from authentication purposes, business intelligence, emotion recognition, and security services. For this last one, a very desirable application is the use of several cameras geographically sparse, where specific individuals can be recognized for crowded environments. This paper proposes the use of face recognition and identification to help in the development of a low-cost tool. A dataset with several face photos was built to simulate our experimental environment. The obtained preliminary results demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach for security applications.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14210/cotb.v0n0.p828-830


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