Desenvolvimento de uma Interface Cérebro-Computador como Ferramenta de Auxílio no Monitoramento de Tratamento de Afasia

Marcelus Oldoni, Alejandro Rafael Garcia Ramirez


Abstract. Aphasia compromises the communication of its carrier. It is known by an effect of stroke, tumor or traumatic brain injury, where both oral and written language are compromised. Recent research deals with the use of brain computer interfaces in the medicine area, more specifically in post- stroke conditions treatment. Researchers seek to develop therapeutic, diagnosis and rehabilitations approaches, to provide better life quality to the people. This work aims to develop a tool to assist recent aphasia treatment monitoring, using all the potential from a brain computer interface. The study will monitor aphasia patients doing an exercise to stimulate the work load memory and attention. To succeed with this approach, this work will use bibliographical research and development of specific application to the problem. The goal of this paper is to provide more reliable metrics regarding patient concentration measurement, thus making it possible to more efficiently monitor this item in cases of aphasia.

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