Desenvolvimento de uma Alternativa Digital por meio do Sistema de Comunicação por Troca de Figuras - PECS

Mariana Cavalcante Lopes, Julia Ribeiro Doria, Paulo Henrique Azuaga Braga, Lia Nara Balta Quinta


Abstract. Difficulties in communication, restricted and repetitive behaviors are a mark in the social interaction of many individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with people who surround them. So, it is necessary to develop forms of intervention in order to help social inclusion and the exercise of citizenship for these people. Therefore, this project goal are to develop a website that will contribute in the communication of these individuals. For this purpose, the alternative method of communication PECS - Communication System based on Exchange of Figures will be used being directly associated with technology, through the website, which is nowadays becoming essential for society.
Keywords: TEA. Assistive technology. Social interaction. Alternative methods.

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