Desenvolvimento de uma proposta para controle de estoque para o departamento de Merenda Escolar da Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Sombrio(SC)

Danielli de Oliveira Machado, Rahilla Bezerra Ferreira, Annayra Rezende Martins de Sousa, Matheus Lorenzato Braga, Victor Martins de Sousa


Abstract. Considering that there is no computerized process in the Municipal Department of Education of Sombrio (SC), this paper presents a computer system for inventary control and management of both food and beverages, as well as cleaning products. The system aims to dynamize the organizational work of the nutritionist responsible for the execution of activities, with an input and output control, since the activities are done manually. Through interviews the needs were raised so that they could be understood and analyzed. The main tools and technologies used were NetBeans IDE, MySQL Workbench and the Java programming language.

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