Uma Arquitetura Distribuída para Sistemas de Tempo Real Baseados em VANT´s

Celso Maciel da Costa, Philippe Silveira, Alleff Dymytry, MaikeB Bressan, Adriane Parraga, Letícia Vieira Guimarães


Abstract.The evolution of the development of the Drones has given rise to some challenges, one of which is related to the distributed environment of the application support. This article presents a distributed architecture to support the construction of systems Drones based. The proposed architecture considers the existence of a ground base, the server, and a client boarded on the Drone equipped with a camera. The client captures images and sends them to the server in real time, which receives and displays them. Using the concept
of middleware, the features are visible to users in the form of an API and allow the users to receive images in the form of photos, stream and record video. To validate the proposed architecture, an implementation was performed in which the communication between client and server is made using a wireless network. The images are captured by a camera attached to a Raspberry boarded in the Drone. The system is operational and allows users to view real-time images captured by the Drone.

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