Ensino de Design Visual de Aplicativos Móveis no Ensino Fundamental

Miriam Nathalie FortunaFerreira, Christiane Gressevon Wangenheim, Berenice Santos Gonçalves, Jean Carlo Rossa Hauck, Giselle Araújo e Silva de Medeiros



Computing in K-12 is typically taught through practicalprogramming activities in which students create software artifactssuch as mobile applications. This approach, however, may notcover other important competencies such as user interface design,which are essential for software development. Within this context,this article presents an instructional unit that incorporates theteaching of UI design competencies into computing education.The instructional unit was developed in a systematic wayfollowing an instructional design process, and applied andevaluated in a Brazilian public middle school. First resultsindicate that dynamics can have a positive impact on motivation,user experience, and provide a significant contribution to thestudents’ learning.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14210/cotb.v11n1.p199-205


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