Influence of depth on the growth of the seaweed Gracilaria birdiae (Rhodophyta) in a shrimp pond

Vinícius Peruzzi de Oliveira, Fúlvio Aurélio de Morais Freire, Eliane Marinho Soriano


This study evaluates the influence of depth and environmental parameters on the development of Gracilaria birdiae Plastino & Oliveira (Gracilariaceae) in an organic shrimp pond. The macroalgae was cultivated on modules placed at three depths (surface, 10 and 20 cm depth). Growth rates were measured weekly based on variation in fresh weight during 35 days. G. birdie showed the greatest productivity (35.7%) at 10 cm, followed by 20 cm (33.4%) and surface (25.3%). Average SGR values were 0.36±0.57% d-1(surface) 0.38±0.96% d-1 (10 cm) and 0.38 ±0.54% d-1(20 cm), over the study period. The biomass variation of G. birdiae showed significant difference among the three depths. The correlations generated by multiple regressions demonstrated that analyzed environmental parameters explain from 62 to 67 % of G. birdiae growth.

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(eISSN: 1983-9057, ISSN: 1808-7035)