Mapa de procedimentos de limpeza e ações de combate a derramamentos de óleo

Ágata Fernandes Romero, Denis Moledo de Souza Abessa


Contingency plans for oil spill episodes have been developed to assist coastal managers and direct protection and cleaning actions. These plans have focused in providing subsides to contain the oil slick, and historically have not provided enough information to the planning of cleanup procedures in affected coastal areas. The selection of correct cleanup procedure can prevent the amplification of the oil spill impacts onthe environment. This study presents a mapping of possible cleanup procedures and response actions in case of oil spill, in order to complement contingency plans. This map was developed by the creation of icons representing the main cleanup methods and their representation on ESI maps. The representation of the cleaning procedures and response to oil spills through icons on a map allows rapid visualization and thus a rapid decision-making from managers during emergency actions.

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(eISSN: 1983-9057, ISSN: 1808-7035)