Anelídeos poliquetas da plataforma continental externa ao largo do estado de Santa Catarina - Brasil: situação de verão e inverno.

T. E. Rohr, Tito C. M. Almeida


This work examined the taxonomic composition of annelid Polychaeta, sampled in a 3-km-radius area in the external continental shelf off the coast of Santa Catarina state. A total of 694 specimens belonging to 30 families were identified with high abundances of families Pilargidae, Syllidae, Onuphidae, Eunicidae, Spionidae and Cirratulidae, which exhibited mostly carnivorous feeding habits. The most abundant species were respectively Sigambra grubei, Paradiopatra hartmanae, Typosyllis variegata, Eunice vitatta, Linospherus ambigua e Schistomeringos rudolphi. The total mean density varied from 12,09 ind/0.008m2 in the winter to 10,5 ind/0.008 m2 in summer. The composition patterns observed agreed with what has been previously mentioned for SE/S Brazilian shelf.

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(eISSN: 1983-9057, ISSN: 1808-7035)