A Educação Ambiental e a Gestão Integrada de Recursos Hídricos: subsídios para uma reflexão integrada

Bruno Gonzaga Agapito da Veiga, Guilherme Malafaia, André Luis da Silva Castro


Environmental Education focusing on Integrated Water Resources Management has increasingly grown with the implementation of the Brazilian Water Resources Policy. However, environmental educators have not yet occupied their rightful place in the management and decision making on environmental issues. This is partly due to peculiarities on the field of water resources. These are mainly technical, which limits critical Environmental Education supporting the development of new prospects for sustainable water use. This article therefore seeks to recover the role of environmental education and environmental educators as critical mediators of the processes of water management.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14210/bjast.v17n1.p1-11

(eISSN: 1983-9057, ISSN: 1808-7035)