Acute toxicity of soil samples under the atmospheric influence of an industrial complex using Swiss mice

Flavio Manoel Rodrigues Da Silva Júnior, Edariane Menestrino Garcia, Ana Luíza Muccillo-Baisch


Some factors may contribute to potentiate the toxicity effects of soil contaminants on the organisms, among them is the acidification process derived from acid rain. Thus, the aim of this study was to assess the toxicity of a soil under the influence of an industrial complex through exposure of Swiss mice to soil leachates in different pH values . Soil samples were collected in Rio Grande, Brazil. At the laboratory, Swiss male mice were exposed by gavage (single dose) to soil extracts with different pH values (7.0, 5.2 and 3.6). The results showed toxic effects related to the decrease in pH and to increase in the concentration of soil extract. Therefore, the results showed that acid rain simulating solutions are able to potentiate the toxicity of the soil contaminants, and these conditions must be taken into account to environmental diagnosis in cities with occurrence of acid rain such as Rio Grande.

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