Study of the occurrence of agrochemicals in the waters of the Marombas River- Santa Catarina - Brazil

Joni Stolberg, Dilma Budziak, Neusa Steiner, Beatriz Garcia Mendes, Zilma Isabel Peixer, Juliana Bastos, Dilamara Riva Scharf, Edésio Luiz Simionatto, Reginaldo Geremias


The region of the sub-basin of the Marombas River is based on economic agroforestry activities. These activities use agrochemicals that can contaminate surface and groundwater and cause diseases in humans and animals. The present study aimed to detect the presence of agrochemicals in the waters of the Marombas River at 4 different points. The water samples were collected every two months over a 1-year period. The concentrations of carbamates, herbicides, fungicides and organophosphates were analyzed. The chromatographic analysis revealed the presence of the fungicide Azoxystrobin (0.65 μg L-1) in the water sample collected at a point in the river with a strong influence of agricultural activities. The concentration of other agrochemicals was below the detection limit of the assay methods used at all points, and in all types of sampling. The Marombas River is subject to contamination by agrochemicals, which represents a potential risk to the human population and to the aquatic biota.

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